Discover the History of Dice Games and How They Developed

Although millions of people worldwide participate in some type of gambling every day and billions take the time to play some sort of game daily, few people really take the time to understand the history of dice games that can be found in homes and casinos in almost every country.

Scientists, along with the help of archaeologists and historians, have concluded that dice have been around for about 5,000 years. They have been referenced in various pieces of artwork, in plays, in works of literature and even in old laws that were discovered in ledgers. The exact origin of the first die is still unknown; however, it is known that they were carved from bone thousands of years ago and they have been found in places like Pakistan, Italy, Mexico, Egypt and even China. In fact, the phrase "roll the bones" originates from the original materials from which they were crafted.

No matter how they were used in the past, there is one thing that always remains the same: they were used to randomly choose a number and were perfect for gambling activities. In Roman times, it was widely believed that the Goddess of Luck, known as Fortuna, controlled the outcome once the bones left the hands of the person who held them. Of course, this didn't last long. During the medieval era, one of the turning points in the history of dice games, people learned how to craft the loaded die. In fact, archaeologists were astonish to discover mercury weights buried within some, and these are referred to as "Fulhams". It was also around this time that gambling in such a way was deemed unlawful in England and in other parts of Europe.

The history of dice games also includes some examples of entire board games with vessels meant for shaking. In fact, one such example dates all the way back to 680 to 669BC and is a neo-Assyrian piece that was found amongst pottery and other items in the Middle East. Today, it is estimated that there are some 3000 different games that require the use of the ever-popular die from gambling options like Craps and Sic Bo to family titles like Yahtzee and Farkle. It is anticipated that they will continue to play a very important role in gaming and gambling worldwide.